TruSculpt3D Body Contouring and Fat Reduction


How does it work?

Let's get rid of the unwanted body fat and get your dream body


Are you one of does who eat healthy all the time, go to the gym but you are not happy with some part of your body?  Well, you may want to learn about how radio frequency wavelength can naturally reduced the fat under your skin, while provides lots of other benefits such as skin tightening, reducing stretch marks and making the unwanted cellulites to go away!

How does body contouring with radiofrequency works?


For years scientists have used radiofrequency to stimulate the skin to build collagen.  Perhaps, you may already have had some experience with radiofrequency on face.  Basically, this is how it works, The radiofrequency wavelength, usually between 1 to 3 MHZ travel from a focus point, usually the hand probe into the patient’s body and then the energy is recycled back into the machine.  The head created by this transition of energy heats the fat cell that are very sensitive to temperature change and destroys them.  Then, our body absorbs these dead cells and excretes them in a very natural way.  At the same time, the skin starts to build more collagen and gets younger and tighter while the underlying fat is reducing significantly.   Unlike other old methods such as fat reduction by freezing, TruSculp3D technology, offers us the freedome to treat anywhere in the body as you desire.  The most popular areas are double chin reduction,  abdomen and love handles, bra lines, and stretch mark reduction. body contouring how to lose weight fat loss.

Why should you get it at our clinic?


We simply offer the best prices for body contouring in entire state of California.  This will give you enough reason to start saving your hard earn money to enjoy yourself on the dream vacation you always wanted.  For more information contact us at (562)-435-0862 for our free consultation in our office or over the Facetime.


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